Terms & Conditions of holding fees with


At UK-Homes we try to make things as simple as possible so with holding fees for one of our managed properties you will see  a reserve button on the page. Reservation fee is £150 per property this is not a fee just a holding deposit it is refundable and will count towards your move in monies. i.e. if your rent is £600 the move in money would be £600 Rent and £600 Deposit (unless stated as different)  = £1200 minus the £150 you have already paid = £1050 before you sign the contract and move. 

To reserve a property you must meet the minimum salary requirement for the property. If you don't or receive benefits you must make us aware at the point of reserving.

We now due to the ban on no DSS allow anyone to view and reserve a property if the owner chooses a different tenant the reservation fee will be refunded in full.

Due to the above reserving a property is now not first come first served all applications will be put to the owner and they will chose prior to credit check.

Once you have reserved a property we will send you a tenant information so make sure you send us an email with your name address you have reserved so we can send you the tenant information.