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census 2011

Popular because,

Proximity to both the motorway and A5 make Nuneaton ideal for commuting and house prices are ideal for first time buyers. 

Move to the area because?

If you are looking for realistly priced houses in an area that is great for commuting then Nuneaton is for you. Just over an hour from London by train ideal for getting on the m6, a5 and m42 Nuneaton is ideally situated for buying a house along with ofsted outstanding school at Higham Lane and great primary schools make Nuneaton a great place to live.


Lots of schools in the Weddington area of town with great ofsed results, including Higham Lane which is a great draw to the weddington side of the town with vast numbers of schools either faith schools or general schools there is enough choice for anyone moving to any part of this large town. 

Local Pubs/Restaurants 

As you would expect with a big town there are a vast number of pubs and restaurants in the area my favourites are, Antonys, Ergo, The Acorn, there are a number of different cuisines available in the area including Thai, Indian, Chinesse and a Nepalise resurant called the Crossed Ghukris that is well worth a visit. 

Local Shops

Nuneaton shopping has taken a big hit over the last 12 months but still has an a number of independent shops including The Sassy Giraffe and a number of High Street retailers including Next, Debenhams, River Island and Rymans. 

Local Clubs 

A number of clubs the town is home To Nuneaton town Football Club along with a number of other football clubs, rugby clubs and a cricket club too along with a number of other sporting and fitness classes that are run throughout the town 

Little known fact 

Gareth Edwards the director of Monsters, Godzilla (2014) and Rouge One - A Star Wars Story was from Nuneaton and went to Higham Lane and then North Warwickshire College

Town Rating 

3 stars for me, if the town centre was a bit better it would have gotten a 4 star, Purfect place for first time buyers to get on the ladder with one or two excellent schools to keep you in the town for longer.