Don't drop your standards during the virus

Pick the right tenants

With Covid-19 putting a hold on all property transactions, some property owners are resorting to letting out properties rather than leaving them empty, unless you are been very generous and letting the NHS have your property for the duration of the pandemic do not do it.

We all understand that empty properties cost money on the mortgage and utility bills but the wrong tenant will cost you far more. If you sit back and think what sort of tenant moves during lockdown unless they have a really good reason walk/run away.

The sorts of people that we are currently seeing approaching directly landlords have more sob stories than a series of xfactor.

If someone says they have no place to live due to the rest of the family self-isolating the best place for them would be to stay in the current home till the pandemic ends. If they say their current landlord wants them out again get them to stay put till we are through this. The courts are not working so they won't get kicked out till this is all over and even if under some strange way the government give the possession order there are no bailiffs working that has the power in the current situation to remove tenants from a property.

So the long and short of it is keep the property empty till we are through to the other side. If you want to run anything by our team email

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