Looking to move in the future? if so read up on how 2 guides

With the market stopping for #Lockdown now is time to make your own plans for the future. Zoopla have tonnes of content helping you to move in the future. below are the links if you are looking to BUY or RENT in the future.

Also, look at longer-term plans, will you need to get your first home over the next few years, will you look to have children and move to a bigger home, will you look to change jobs or roles in the coming 12 months. All of these are big life-changing events whilst we have the time to make plans its time to get those plans and ambitions down in writing.

Take time to sort out essentials that people don't see as massively important if you have a home as a couple and are not married you first of all you need a will. If anything happened to you or your partner the house would be sold and the surviving partner could be forced to move out.

Insurance, sort out life insurance as a minimum, again just if anything happened to the main breadwinner died the other partner may not be able to afford to stay in the home this is even more important if you have children so again essential purchase and it will cost you the same as your monthly Netflix membership.

Finally, sort out home insurance and car insurance, whilst we have the time you should look are you paying the right amount. All insurance will hook you in by giving you a cheaper first year and then hicking the cost up as insurance companies know normally we are too busy to look around for ourselves. If you have any questions feel free to drop me a message at info@uk-homes.co.uk

We have people at the business if you need any advice on the following;

Selling your home

Buying a house

Renting a house



Life and home insurance

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