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Ideas on how to sell your home close to Christmas
Selling your home

Sorry for the huge gap in time from my last blog, work has been crazy up untill the last week so this is the first time that I've been able to update people on the property market. With Christmas now approaching its time to take stock and to look at what we and you as owners of homes can do to get you sold in the slower months.

We have been testing a number of new tech advances that are going to help over the next few months if lockdown continues up to Christmas, Mattaport have a camera that can help us with virtual viewings so you, in your own time can take a look at every part of a property that comes to the market but the key fundermentals to selling your home are still the same.

  1. De-clutter, Remove anything you are not going to need over the next few weeks into the loft or the garage so the house looks the best it can for the photos.

  2. Do the little jobs, sounds silly but buyers only think in thousands so why would you want someone to reduce an offer by a thousand if the job will only cost you a few hundred.

  3. Have a sales strategy, If an agent comes to you with a high price question the sales strategy to get you sold. If they don't have one run a million miles as they won't have an idea how to get you sold. The strategy should be short and have an end goal to get you an offer that you can accept within 6 weeks unless your home is over £1 million (that might take a bit longer to sell)

  4. Make time for viewings, this is especially important if you have kids or pets, when will be the best time of the week to have viewings. I always say you should have one week and one evening appointment each week and due to new Covid Rules the appointments will have to be slots not a usual block viewing. I would suggest getting the agents to do the viewings and then you and the family going out for an hour or hour and half to let the agent have 4-6 viewing appointments.

  5. When considering offers go for the best position not the highest offer, the holy grail is a first time buyer with 15% deposit or more. When considering chains, try to go for the shortest chain possible as 25% of all sales fall through minimum so the least houses in the chain minimises the risk to you.

This week we will do another blog on how with a bit of helf from you the seller we can guarantee to shorten your sales time by 2 weeks minimum!!

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