At UK HOMES we are looking to simplify the sales process whilst making it as cost efficient as we can. We are a true hybrid a mix of the High Street estate agency and the streamlined costs of the online agents. 


With that in mind, we have a basic fee upfront of £250 and once the house completes an addition fee of  £750, so you could sell your home for £1000 with the majority being on a NO SALE NO FEE basis. You have the option to a viewings package if you would prefer viewings to be conducted by an agent, and this fee of £250 is paid on completion. However, if you are lucky enough to sell on the first block viewing, we won't even charge the Viewings Fee. We try to keep the terms and conditions in plain english and in a font size you can read. 

Included as Standard 

Extras (should you want them)

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