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census 2011

Popular because,

Everyone knows the village due to the zoo that has been open since 1963

Move to the area because?

If you are looking to move to the area this will possibly be due to the location quiet but close to the M42 the village has the A444 going right through the middle. Homes are generally either cottage size or larger detached 1980's build. The village of Norton Juxta has a number of 1960's build homes. 

Buyers in the village are a mix of local people who have grown up in the village or buyers who are looking to move to the countryside but still need access to the larger towns of Nuneaton, Atherstone or Tamworth. 


There are a number of schools, Twycross House located in the village is a private school, Dixi in Market Bosworth is another popular Grammar school around 5 min drive down the A444. In Sheepy Magna there is a CofE primary school 

Local Pubs/Restaurants 

Right in the centre of the village is Turpins, close by other places to drink or eat are The Unicorn in Orton, The Millers in Sibson, Horse & Jockey in Congerstone, The Bird in the Hand in Austry, The Black Horse in Sheepy Magna and the very popular yet pricey San Giovanni in Sheepy Parva. 

Local Shops

The one thing we don't have many of in Twycross is shops, over the last few years Jacksons on the main Burton Road have started some small shops in cabins on site and currently have the following; Coffee Shop - Harveys Coffee Cabin, a Florist and and a Barbers is the latest edition His and Hares. Other local shops are in Austry and Measham around about 10 min drive from the village. 

Local Clubs 

There is a local cricket club Twycross cricket club that has a fantastic pitch next to the play park and close to Turpins.  

Little known fact 

If you played computer games during the 1990's 007 Goldeneye or Donkey Kong, They were made by Rare who are based in the village tucked away close to the A444. 

Village Rating 

5 star for me great village in a good location with a spot on pub.